You’re welcome at Manud every day from 9:00. Start your day with a specialty Blaser coffee together with a fresh croissant, homemade granola or some tasty eggs and toast.

From lunch time on we invite you to try our signature dishes made with regional products. Our sourdough Pinsa, Manud Style Hot Dog with a Nürnberger sausage or a apero board with regional cheeses and local cuts.

This summer we invite Roberto Catra as our guest chef, he has been trained in traditional Kaiseki cuisine, and is presenting you his traditional Japanese Izakaya dishes. Every week from Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm until 10pm. Come in for a quick bite after skiing or order the entire menu and share a traditional Izakaya style dinner with your friends and family.




We welcome you on a journey through the canton Wallis/Valais, the largest wine region in Switzerland.
You can enjoy wine from our friends’ vineyards, which are located between Salgesch and Martigny, where they grow and nurture their grapevines on extreme and diverse terrain adopting a traditional and organic method.
The journey can then continue over the Matterhorn heading south all the way to Sicily, where you can taste the Italian sun in every bottle!
Carefully selected wine can be bought to take home or give to someone special as a beautiful gift. Please don’t hesitate to ask our staff to help find the perfect wine for you and your loved ones!


Have you already discovered our little shop at Manud? We sell wine to go, Swiss Gins, homemade, local porudtcs, our beloved Blaser Coffee, Tea and other little treasures.