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Zermatt Unplugged After Party at Manud

AFTER PARTY «NIGHT TRAIN TO LISBON» Täglich ab 22:00 spielen vier portugiesische DJ-Grössen von Radio Futura unter anderem Indie und Alternative Rock. Euphorische Stimmung und schlaflose Nächte mit Fremden und Freunden erwarten dich im Manud an der Hofmattstrasse. Die guten Geschichten werden hier geschrieben. Mehr Info : www.zermatt-unplugged.ch

Diesen Winter im MANUD!

Izakaya is all about eating, drinking and being merry in a place where people like to meet, settle in, and get comfortable. Everything that already defines Manud is being refined and expanded this winter with the coming of our new guest chef Roberto Catra.

Roberto has worked in excellent Michelin starred kitchens from Scotland to Japan and had the chance to join the JCDC program in 2017 offered by the Japanese government to be completely immersed into the traditional Kaiseki cuisine.

We are very excited to have him at Manud this winter presenting us his traditional Japanese Izakaya menu. A series of dishes, ideally to be shared with friends and family.